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“3 Days Individual Training To Eliminate Cash Flow Problems!”

Don’t Spend Another Dollar On Information About How To Eliminate Cash Flow Problems Until You Read This…

You Can Laugh At Your Cash Problems And Stop Feeling Frustrated, Overwhelmed Or Worried Over Money

  • Do you have a successful business but your cash flow is up and down?
  • Are you finding that sometimes you have a great cash flow and sometimes there is hardly any?
  • Do you have a problem in getting a steady flow of customers through your business?Would you like to have something else in your business that will help your cash flow and provide you with a great income?
  • My name is Steve Gardiner and I am a Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • When I first started my coaching business I was having problems trying to keeping a consistent cash flow. There were days when I had too much work and times when I was hardly getting any work at all. It was feast or famine. It was also a cycle of happiness and worry.
  • I decided to look for another source of income in my business and in doing so learnt hypnotherapy, in particular helping people to quit smoking.

Introducing Certified Training  – all you need to create an awesome clinic!

One of the best training you can do for yourself and your business.

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About our educator

about-steveSteve Gardiner: “I have been helping people Quit Smoking for around ten years and this has taken out the “roller Coaster” in my cash flow, doubled my income and resulted in constant referrals for both Hypnotherapy and Coaching.

As a result, this year my business was a finalist in the Telstra Small Business Awards.

Over the course of ten years I have developed and refined a unique four step process for Quit Smoking that is extremely successful and works. Due to requests from hypnotherapy colleagues I am now teaching my method and I am looking for a select few people who will take my process and run with it.”

So why would you take the time and expense to learn hypnosis for quit smoking?

  • Quick & easy solution to Eliminate Cash Flow Problems and $2K – $5000 Extra Income a Month in 2 to 6 weeks after training or less
  • Myth-Buster! So having no money problems and finding high paying clients takes hard work and focus, right? WRONG – Follow our 3 Day Individual Training and ATTRACT More High Paying Clients immediately!!
  • 3 Days Practical One-On-One Personalised Training to FINALLY put an end to being Stressed about Cash Flow, running out of marketing ideas or running out of money!
  • Marketing Hints & Tips to attract better clients, growing your business – That get results!
  • Everything YOU Need to Build a Successful & PROFITABLE Business
  • Warning: If you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed about watching others succeed then you can’t afford to waste another day. All the answers you’re looking are just moments away…
  • Eliminate any Negative beliefs you May have about Charging Your Full Worth….
  • And truck loads more targeted info to help you Eliminate Cash Flow and Attract More Clients Easily at your fingertips.

Here are some compelling reasons to learn from an Expert:

  • You can earn an income of $400 to $500 or more per session – approx. 90 minutes.
  • You can earn a great income working for a little as three days a week.
  • You can take out the variability in your income source.
  • It expands the services that you can offer clients.
  • It’s a great source for new clients.


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Your course is a focused, individual training over 3 days and I work one on one with you so that when you leave at the end of the three days you have the confidence to start helping people to quit smoking straight away.

Your training includes: The Quit Smoking Expert Unique 4 step Hypnotherapy process PLUS all the business and marketing tools you need to set up your business, (fully compliant), with brochures, website and be ready for clients.

You walk out with your new “Business in a Box”!

You will have everything you need to either start a brand new business from scratch or an “add-on service” to your existing business.

So what do you get:

  • 2 day intense Hypnotherapy training
  • 1 day Business & Marketing training
  • 3 months on-line Accounting system
  • 1 website – designed to fit in with The Quit Smoking Expert
  • Certification as Quit Smoking Expert Practitioner
  • 3 months – 24/7 training and business mentorship
  • Ongoing email/phone Support
  • Access to the QUIT VAULT
  • 2 years access to Membership site

Here’s the proof:

  • I heard about Steve and his Quit Smoking Practitioner Program in 2012 and after a long telephone conversation, booked in and flew to Brisbane.The training is intense but thorough. At the end of 3 days you know you will be successful. Everything is covered! Plus there is the ongoing mentoring!! Worth every penny! They say 24/7 and they mean it. They always responded ASAP when I called or emailed.   Best business decision I have made. I had been running my own business for years but always struggled with cash flow. That is now a distant memory. I have more clients than I can handle and the Cash to match. I just followed the Business Training I received and now my business has structure, is successful and stress free.
    Lynette M.
    Hawera, New Zealand

As I train each Certified Practitioner one-on-one, space is limited. It is first come first served. There will be only be 2 more trainings this year. Remember, this is Personal, one-on-one training!

Don’t miss out…. Start 2015 ahead of your colleagues:


With my process and your enthusiasm to Make A Difference, you can build a Quit Smoking business very quickly and there is no reason why you cannot achieve a six figure income from Quit Smoking with 2 years.

If you are already in business – would an extra $1500 to $3000 a week make a difference to your cash flow?

If you are looking to INCREASE your CASH Flow

and EXPAND Your Business

Why Not Contact Me Now:

PHONE: 1300 64 53 54